After you or a loved one is injured in an accident there is no time to waste. Any delays can significantly affect the value of your case. Don’t let the insurance companies or lazy attorneys take advantage of you. Insurance companies make their money by finding any way they can to deny you the compensation that you justly deserve. Furthermore, many attorneys throughout the valley refuse to go to trial, even when that decision is directly harmful to their clients!


With so many people looking to take advantage of you, you need someone who will fight in your corner.


We offer aggressive and experienced representation for your personal injury case. We will relentlessly pursue your case and are willing to follow any lead to ensure that you get the maximum compensation possible.


We are not afraid of insurance companies, nor are we afraid to go to trial if we think it is in the best interest of our clients. Contact The Law Office of Kristian Lavigne and Associates for aggressive and highly effective resolution to your personal injury case!


No Attorney’s Fees Until We Win! We Advance All Costs!