The Law Office of Kristian Lavigne represents injured workers in all aspects of workers’ compensation benefits. As an employee, you are entitled to compensation for wages lost due to a work-related disability or injury. Whether you are about to file a claim, are already in the process, or have had your claim rejected, please call us for a free consultation.


We will act to protect your rights so that you receive the full workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. The loss of the ability to work is painful. Add the frustrations of applying for government benefits, and the stress can be even more damaging to your health. Although you may not feel like you need to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer. We prevail through an unparallel work ethic, experience, knowledge, and personal attention. We will aggressively represent you so that you may receive:

  • Compensation Benefits
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Job Retraining
  • Medical Care including Surgery
  • Temporary and Lifetime Benefits
  • Survivor and Death Benefits
  • Burial Benefits
  • Additional Funds and other expenses

Our office will assist in guiding you through the process of dealing with the government. We will help gather your medical evidence, obtain the necessary records, and develop the right documentation to give you the best chance at winning benefits. We will be sure that you meet every deadline and follow every regulation and procedure so that you will receive what the government owes you. Because we know exactly what the people evaluating your case are looking for, you will have the most effective representation possible.


While it is possible to appeal denials of claims, in some cases no additional evidence may be submitted during the appeal. This means that the government’s re-evaluation is sometimes limited to the documentation submitted in the initial filing, underscoring the importance of consulting a lawyer at the start of your case.


The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Program


In 1916, the federal government established and passed a comprehensive protection for certain federal workers who were injured or disabled on the job. Over the course of time, the law has become more and more complicated. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) has been amended and other laws have been passed. Today, the Office of Worker Compensation Programs (OWCP), which is part of the Department of Labor, administers three programs that provide compensation benefits to federal workers: FECA, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Program (LHWCP), and the Black Lung Benefits Program.


The processes associated with filing claims in each of the programs that it administers are detailed, complex, and specific. Because the system is so complicated, even people with legitimate claims are rejected for benefits. Our office evaluates your case to determine whether a hearing or written review of your case is in your best interests:

  • Monitoring deadlines and requirements to obtain your benefits
  • Complete and compile documentation for initial filing
  • Filing for initial claims for FECA, LHCP, and the Black Lung Benefits Program
  • Developing and Gathering medical evidence for Appeals
  • Preparing requests for reconsideration
  • Appealing claim denials


*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.